Auger Feeders (Screw Feeders)

Antique Conveying Principle Meets Modern Speed Control

DEMAX Auger Feeder Size Range

 Invented a couple of millennia ago by Archimedes, the auger conveying principle remains valid today: a helical screw (a.k.a. auger) spinning inside a tube transforms the rotation motion into a linear motion, pushing the material forward.  What is new about it is that current technology allows for a highly accurate control of the rotary motion, thus precisely controlling material flow. 

Many Sizes to Meet Any Needs

Custom Design and Fabrication

 Although we do not believe in "standard" solutions, we developed a range of auger feeders which can be customized to your application, regarding hopper shape and volume, frame size, extra vertical agitator, mobility, and many other crucial details.

Best Choice on the Market!

DEMAX Auger Feeders in various Hopper Configurations

Based on an extensive expertise, we offer the best price/quality ratio on the market. We keep our overheads low, and pass you the savings.